Unity Of The Brethren

Board of Foreign Missions


David Miller (2015)Wall Brethren Church

Cell: 325-245-5616


Unity Representatives

Arnold Cuba (2015) – Taylor Brethren Church

Email:arcuba188@yahoo.com; 512-247-8019

John Brinkley (2011) – Ocker Brethren Church

wphalia@yahoo.com; 254/721-3196

Reesa Ueckert (2015) – Nelsonville Brethren

Email: reesa@hrueckert.com; 979-472-0559

Open seat (2017-2019)


Paula Wagner (2015) – Taylor Brethren Church

Email: paulak1121@sbcglobal.net; 512-996-8846

Erin Brinkley (2015) – Ocker Brethren Church


Synodical Committee Liaison (First Vice-President)

Rev. Mark Sebek; 254-931-2000


Rev. Lawrence & Barbara Junek

(Unity at large)


Robert & Anne Thiessen

Phil & Eunice Raiford

Pastor Pavel & Stana Kozak


This board shall be comprised of 7 qualified members: Chairperson (elected by the convention) and 6 other members appointed by the Synodical Committee. The liaison is a non-voting position. Term of office is 2 years, subject to re-election or re-appointment for a maximum of 4 terms or 8 years. (Art. XV, Section A.1.)

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