Unity Of The Brethren

Board of Home Missions

Chair: Martha Dove, (2011 – Fayetteville) 979/249-5591 (walhalla71@gmail.com)



Dorothy Hinson (2009- Houston) 281/620-0480

Pastor Ben Kruse (2010) (krusedadb@yahoo.com)

Alton Urbanovsky (2011 – New Tabor) (gailgailjean1955@peoplepc.com)

Beverly Mikeska (2015 – Nelsonville) (bevmikeska@gmail.com)

Marvin Chlapek (2015 – Dime Box) (mjcarc@airplexus.com)

Clarence Clark (April 2017 – Crosby)

Synodical Committee Liaison: Rev. Mark Sebek


Cade Lake Community Chapel – Co-Pastors: Rev. Jim Heckman & Rev. Kay Polasek

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