Unity Of The Brethren

Board of Christian Education
Tami Laza – 2011 (Bryan/College Station) (tami.laza@verizon.net)
Member: Peggy Hejl – 2014 (Taylor) (peggyhejl@gmail.com)
Member: Debbie Clark – 2014 (Crosby) (foxfire890@aol.com)
Member: Angie Labaj – 2016
Member: Sandra Merz – 2016 (Nelsonville)
Member: Angie Hairrell – 2013 (Snook) hairrell@gmail.com
Youth Coordinator: Jennifer Chervenka (jennchervenka@farm-market.net)
Synodical Committee Liaison (3rd Vice-President): Rev. Larry Zabcik

This Board is comprised of 7 members: (1) Chairperson elected by the Convention; (5)members appointed by the Synodical Committee and (1) the Youth Coordinator. One member is appointed as a member to the Hus School Encampment Board of Trustees and one member is appointed as a member to the Board of Foreign Missions. The term of office for all members (except the Youth Coordinator) is 2 years, subject to re-election or re-appointment with a maximum of 4 consecutive terms. (Unity By-Laws Article XIII)

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