Unity Of The Brethren

Board for Grants and Bequests
Leroy Parthum 713/826-7993 (betty_parthum@yahoo.com) [2015-2019 – 1st Term]
Ron Tyson 281/373-4376 (rdtyson@sbcglobal.net) [2013-2019 – 2nd Term]
Secretary: Eugene Haisler 254/985-2316 (dmheeh@msn.com) [2009-2019 – 2nd Term]
Members:  Vacant
Alan Tomasek (amtomasek@thegateway.net) [2013-2019]
Synodical Committee Liaison: Unity Treasurer: Lynette Urbanovsky (979) 540-1820 (lurbanovsky@gmail.com)

The Board is composed of a Chairperson and four members elected by the Convention. The Chairperson is elected by the Convention; a secretary, treasurer and other needed officers are elected by its members after election by the convention. The term of office shall be 4 years subject to re-election for one additional consecutive term (2013 by-laws); 2009 by-laws had a 6 year term.
(Unity of the Brethren By-Laws, Article XXI, F.)

The Board for Grants and Bequests serves the Unity of the Brethren by spreading the gospel and meeting human needs in the following ways:

  • Encouraging the stewardship of estates;
  • Receiving planned gifts for the benefit of the Unity;
  • Providing a common vehicle for the support of local congregations of the Unity;
  • Investing funds for the support of entities designated by donors;
  • Assisting local congregations in receiving and administering planned gifts; and
  • Facilitating direct bequests and gifts to institutions and agencies as identified by donors.
Some of the ways you can make our Unity more effective in ministering to the needs of someone else include…

  • Giving cash
  • Giving stocks or securities
  • Giving through life insurance
  • Giving through real estate
  • Giving through your will
Donors may contribute to any one or more of the following causes…

  • Hus Encampment Operation or development
  • Brethren Journal
  • Church Extension
  • Evangelism
  • Sunday School
  • Missions, specified or undesignated
  • Youth Ministry
  • Unity Administration
  • Other causes approved by the Synodical Committee
For more information, be sure to contact any of the Board members.
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