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Hus – Encampment Board of Trustees
Hus School Encampment Board of Trustees
Kent Laza (kent.laza@verizon.net), 4913 FM 166, Caldwell, TX 77836; 979/220-1957 (2017 – BCS)
Todd Corporon (toddcorporon@yahoo.com), 5350 CR 124, Georgetown, TX 78626; 512/922-9292 (2016 – Taylor)
Member: Todd Snelgrove (rtsnelgrove@gmail.com) (2011 – BCS)
 Tami Laza (tami.laza@verizon.net) (2015 – BCS)
James Marek (james@cnbt.com) (2017 – Taylor)
Rick Weise (rick.weise@cosatx.us) (2017 – Wall)
Rev Tommy Tallas  (2017)

Jennifer Chervenka (2017 – Ocker)

The Encampment is governed by a Board of Trustees of 8 members. Chair is elected by the Convention.

Terms: 2 years, may be re-elected/re-appointed for a maximum of 4 terms or 8 years. (Unity of the Brethren By-Laws, Article XIV, Sec C, Par. 4)

Non-Voting Appointments
Programming Director:
Amy Snelgrove, (agsnelgrove@gmail.com) 979/229-5013
Unity Youth Coordinator:
Jennifer Chervenka (jennchervenka@farm-market.net), 254/983-1002
Facilities Manager:
Contact Kent Laza or Cathleen Schlechte
Robert (rschlechte@hotmail.com) & Cathleen (schlechte86@msn.com) Schlechte, 979/324-5560 or 979/255-8266
Synodical Committee Oversight:
Rev Whitney Amos

Project Kickoff Article (Feb 1, 2018)               Capital Improvement Project Chart

Hus Encampment Camp Registration Forms


1) Please direct Encampment Reservation (Acrobat files can be filled-in online, printed, signed and mailed) requests for Non-Unity Events/Groups and Unity Events/Groups and other inquiries to Kent Laza or Cathleen Schlechte.
2) The Trustees have made it easier than ever to support the Hus School Encampment by use of a Monthly Contribution Authorization Form that can be filled in online, printed, signed and mailed as noted on the form.
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